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About Us

PVCR has been a member of the REHAU Group since 2014, giving us a strong platform for growth and innovation in waste management and PVC recycling, making us the largest UPVC recycler in the North West. With sustainability as one of our core values, we are constantly working hard with our technical experts and development teams to minimise waste at every opportunity, using every part of the product to create new PVC window systems through our unique co-extrusion process.


Since becoming part of the REHAU Group in 2014, PVCR has benefited from significant investment in its waste management and recycling machinery, enabling us to process over 13,200 tonnes of postconsumer windows and doors per year. But it doesn’t stop there – we will build on our significant inexperience and the support of the REHAU Group to continue to refine our processes and develop new methods that will serve to protect all our futures.


As a manufacturer, REHAU is conscious of the impact of their actions on people and the environment. The use of recycled materials is one of REHAU’s strategic objectives and we are committed in supporting that objective by leading change in attitudes and accessibility of recycling. By making our own processes more efficient and creating new opportunities for recycling, our aim is to make it as easy as possible for everyone to make the responsible choice.


One of the barriers to recycling has always been the inconvenience or additional costs in comparison to traditional waste disposal. Our goal at PVCR is to make it as easy as possible for you to effectively manage your window waste and provide the security and assurances that there is a commercial benefit in doing so.