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Why Recycle?

Sustainability and environmental pressures are encouraging recycling across all areas of our day to day lives. At PVCR, we are focused on the long term and sustainability is one of our core values, so we want everyone to recycle as much as they can. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to do your bit to protect the environment, whilst providing the security and assurances that it is economically viable for your business.


Recycling old UPVC windows and doors with PVCR is easy. As part of the REHAU Group, we can provide the benefits of being part of a large international group, but we still retain the flexibility and personal touch of a local business. Simply return your post-consumer UPVC windows and doors to our recycling centre in Runcorn and we will take them from you to be recycled in return for a fair and equitable fee. We will then process the old material through our unique co-extrusion method to produce new REHAU windows and doors.


The use of recycled materials is one of REHAU’s strategic objectives. Our highly developed refurbishment concepts have enabled us to conserve resources and minimise waste disposal and material residues for many years. This level of sustainability is an increasingly important economic factor and one that we aim to pass on to our customers by making it as easy as possible and commercially viable to recycle, with competitive pricing, simple processes and efficient payments.


The modern world is facing global challenges, with key legislation to support corporate social responsibility and the reduction of waste. As a family-owned enterprise, we think about the long term, which is why sustainability is one of our core values. We continue to invest in new equipment, skills and innovative processes to drive the future impact and security of the recycling industry, providing services that are continually setting new standards for our customers.